Inspirational quotes, pictures and photos.

1 Oct 2011

Guess what, the most interested teen subject in google, and through my blog is love& inspirational quotes. I guess the first topic is our general problem. The second one makes me think that a great part of teenagers are thinking about their character, judging,trying to change something. It worked at me. I began to have a diary, where'm writing some inspirational quotes that I've found in some sites...when i'm having troubles, dealing with some issues, this quotes are helping me & encouraging . I decided to take some pictures and post you them... Its something from my journal.. sorry please for this bad quality:(( i still don't have a normal phone and a camera :|

(click on them for a larger view)


^^^Feel the power of friendship.:)
Don't be afraid :) ^
Make your life colorful is every situation.See the positive side.

I'll post more, later...<3 have a great day, xo:)